Life in MIT

As of October 2019, 97 Nobel laureates, 26 Turing Award winners, and 8 Fields Medalists have been affiliated with MIT as alumni, faculty members, or researchers.[14] In addition, 58 National Medal of Science recipients, 29 National Medals of Technology and Innovation recipients, 50 MacArthur Fellows,[15] 73 Marshall Scholars,[16] 41 astronauts,[17] and 16 Chief Scientists of the U.S. Air Force have been affiliated with MIT. The university also has a strong entrepreneurial culture and MIT alumni have founded or co-founded many notable companies.[18][19] MIT is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU).[20]麻省理工学院于1861年由著名自然科学家威廉·巴顿·罗杰斯创立,他希望能够创建一个自由的学院来迎合快速发展时期的美国。由于南北战争,直到1865年MIT才迎来了第一批学生,随后其在自然及工程领域迅速发展。在大萧条时期,MIT曾一度被认为会同哈佛大学合并,但在该校学生的抗议之下,被迫取消了这一计划。